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GM corn causes organ damage

Genetically modified maize can damage the liver and other internal organs in mammals, according to a new study published in the International Journal of Biological Science.

In the study, rats were fed three GM maize products (NK 603, MON 810, MON 863) found in food and feed around the world, for four and half months. Compared to the rats consuming non-GM feed, the GM-fed rats experienced adverse impacts to many organs but particularly the liver and kidneys.

“Our analysis highlights that the kidneys and liver are particularly important on which to focus such research as there was a clear negative impact on the function of these organs in rats consuming GM-maize varieties for just 90 days,” the researchers said.

Each of the three maize strains presented different effects that were sex- and dose-dependent.

This research is very important, said Ken Roseboro, editor of the Non-GMO Report. "It is significant because it shows there is a health impact from consuming GMO foods and this should raise red flags to US manufacturers that [GMOs] should not be on the marketplace,” he said.

“Once the non-GMO Project seal starts appearing on products it will raise awareness," Roseboro said. “Most Americans are not aware of the GMO issue but when the label starts appearing alongside publicity about the Project, people will start to wonder and it will raise questions. Ideally we need GMO food labeling like in Japan and the EU. The Non-GMO Project is filling the void so that people have a non-GM choice,” he said.

Companies that will be carrying the Non-GMO Project Seal include Lundberg Family Farms, R.W. Garcia and Nature’s Path

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