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Biodiesel (B100) is available at Black Mountain Natural Foods. The pump is around the back.


- Reduce harmful emissions
- Reduce dependence on foreign oil
- Support local economies
- Increase engine performance
- Renewable and biodegradable
- Safe and easy to use
- Sustainable

Made from local resources
Biodiesel is a cleaner burning fuel for diesel engines made from oils such as soy, canola, and animal fats. The oil is chemically reacted with ethanol or methanol in the presence of a catalyst to create biodiesel. Blue Ridge Biofuels retrieves most of the oil used in its biodiesel from local restaurants.

No engine modifications
100% biodiesel (B100) is an EPA registered fuel and can be blended with petroleum diesel at any percentage. Diesel engines can operate on any blend of biodiesel without modification. Furthermore, biodiesel acts as a cleaning agent that clears buildup from fuels lines and has been shown to actually increase engine life. Users may need to change fuel filters after initial use of a high blend and may also need to replace fuel lines on older vehicles.

High net energy balance
Biodiesel has the highest net energy balance of any fuel. For every one unit of fuel energy used to produce biodiesel, 3.24 units are gained.

Non-toxic, safe to transport
Tests sponsored by the US Dept of Agriculture confirm biodiesel is less toxic than table salt and fully breaks down as quickly as sugar.

Bioheat for your homes
Bioheat is fuel blended with biodiesel for use in home heating oil systems. Biodiesel contains virtually no sulfur which is the leading cause of maintenance issues in home heating systems.

For more information on biodiesel and where to buy it:
Blue Ridge Biofuels   www.blueridgebiofuels.com
National Biodiesel Board   www.biodiesel.org

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